Friday, May 10, 2013

Game Review: Winx Sirenix Power!

I just got the app today! I wanna show you some pictures I took and how amazing the app is! The story of the app is that Trittanus and the Trix have captured the selkies and it's your job to get them! Let's start first in the menu screen:                         

The menu screen shows your total hearts and Charity hearts you have (Yes, by even playing the app you can also help out!) and the shop, Sirenix boxes, Global Charity Hearts and Settings are in the menu as well.

Shop- Purchase New spells, levels, special packs and even fairies and enjoy the game even more!!!
Sirenix Boxes- Shows your achievements. Complete all the quests and collect all the gems!!!
Global Charity Hearts- Play the game and earn Charity Hearts which help.
Options and Credits- You can turn on or off the music and you can also find the credits of the game too!

 Here are some screenshots of the shop:

 Screenshot of Sirenix Boxes:

Screenshot of Global Charity Hearts:

Screenshot of Options and Credits:

You start the game by picking a level or place in the game. You can choose between Infinite Ocean or Shark Eye Mountain (Note: You have to purchase it in the store in order to unlock it)

Then pick a level. Unlock other levels by getting a star (even one star!).

Then choose a fairy you're going to play as. You can choose between Bloom or Stella (Note: Unlock her by purchasing her in the shop)

 Wait for it to load.... I love how there are tips while loading!

The game starts with a 3 second timer so you can prepare yourself.

Play the game by tilting and moving your phone as if you're flying in the infinite ocean! Collect hearts and pass through the Crystal rings to be faster! Destroy pollution barrels by clicking the lower left button on the screen when you see a pollution barrel. P.S I love the background music! It can be either an instrumental of We Are Believix, Sirenix and so much more!

You can pause the game, restart or turn on or off the music.

After you cross the finish line your best time and stars you earn will appear and you can restart it or go back to the menu

The game is so fun! I give it 5 out of 5 stars because even if you don't make any purchases you can still enjoy it! Way to go, Tsumanga's Studios Ltd and for updates on the app!

Note: Please don't steal the images! We took screenshots of them. If you want to use them just give me credit, okay? :)